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Convergence is Released!!!

Release Date - August 3rd, 2006

Added 08/17/06 - New page added - Convergence Levels a list of all game levels with opening screenshots of each.

Sites that have graciously agreed to host Convergence:

Added 08/15/06 -  See the special feature Convergence section and Latest Interview at STGU!

New!: Convergence Reviews

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Blue's News even made a mention of Convergence! (08/15/06)

Over 1500 people have dowloaded Convergence.

Here are some comments:

"WOW! I LOVE IT! Yes, DS9 The Fallen was the best game i`ve ever played - i love it. And now the great game is back with a new plot. This is so cool! Convergence is very very good! Thank you for this game! And its for free - i cant believe it! THANK YOU I LOVE PLAYING Convergence!"

"Really great game. Amazing to be more accurate..."

"Great game. Now playing it for the 3rd time!"

"Simply amazing mod! the firefights are more fun than most AAA titles.."

"Great mod. I am playing it now. I would have paid for this expansion pack if it was commercial."

"I really enjoyed the game. I am very impressed with the quality of this mod. This mod has set a new standard for other single player mods, and I think it will be hard for any future mod - Star Trek or otherwise - to top this mod."

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Convergence Pages



Files and Downloads Convergence Files Downloadable Demo and Movie files for Convergence
Macintosh Instructions Macintosh Instructions Information on how to install and play on the Mac, plus link to .zip demo file.
Screenshots Convergence Screenshots Up to date screenshots from levels and gameplay for Convergence
Storyline Convergence Plotline Overview of the Convergence Storyline
News Convergence News Main Convergence news and information page.
Convergence Levels Convergence Levels Page with opening screenshots and a complete list of all levels in the game.
What is Convergence? Convergence Information Q and A format description and information about the Convergence mod.

The Convergence Team



Concept, Dialogue, QA Lead, Liason

Programming, Texures, Menus, QA

Quality Assurance

Eric C. Reuter

Lewis "Dyre Straits" Turner

Ken "DataCable" Quick

John T. "BadArm" Conte

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Quality Assurance/Mac

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


Ronald Leroux

Marie "GhostWolf" Rycraft

Barry [SOF]Bear Lowy


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Convergence Reviews

A fan written review: From "Shogun Rho" a member of the community.

I read in a previous post that it doesn't "feel" like Fallen. I agree, it feels like Convergence.

I downloaded Convergence and ran it pretty well straight through on an old 800mhz. Not to bad for stability, but then again, I also can't use the joystick patch, which does cuase crashing on my system. So it ran pretty solid, just like Fallen does.

A realy good set up as far as I'm concerned. They even gave Worf a hand phaser, a fact that in Fallen made even his first mission very difficult. I love the Klingons, but I guess I'll never be a very good one with a Bat'leth, My using it usualy left Worf looking like he had met up with Dax in the Holosuite.
They also left it possible to play Fallen through the same menu set, a nice touch, but the saves do become unstable between the two versions of Fallen. I suggest just using the one for Convergence since it allows access to bolth.

It realy wasn't untill I was into the third mission that I noticed where the story was... on the PADD you carry in the ESC menu. This meant I ended up going back so I could get a better idea of what was going on. That was alright since I found a few goodies I had missed the previous time.
Granted, many players and fans alike don't like voices that aren't realy the charactors. But I figure that if I can tolorate Sisko and O'Brian in Fallen not being voiced by Avery Brooks and Colim Meeny, then I have no problem with someone else doing the voiceovers either, provided they help the story to be followed. Being a fan made add-on, I wouldn't expect them to get the real actors anyway, but then again, I would have been happy with subtitles from time to time.

I thought it real interesting that the Federation and Cardasian goverments were working together in the begining. Later as the story progresses, you discover that the alliance quickly fell apart (no suprise there). The realy cool twist, the Jemadar also want it for the Founders, and then you have the Grigary... turning it into a four way power struggle. At times it can become chaotic, but also opportunistic. The enviroment is much more usable to the player in Convergence then in Fallen.
For one thing, you can use enemys against each other. Second, I think that the AI is different too. The badguys won't just run over mines the player leaves anymore... you actualy have to hide them most of the time.

I did find it rather tedious having to constantly look for personel in almost evey mission. Often having to backtrack repeatedly to find some redshirt who was locked behind a door, the key to which would be near the end of the level. More often then not, this only served to slow the game gown play wise and make me start to loose intrest. A couple of times I just saved and exited because that would get boring and/or fustrating since the real objectives were already done...

As could be expected, Convergence isn't perfect. Its shortcomings however are far out weighed by just how well it was put together. With entire new areas to explore and custom cutscenes, it looks and feels like it was done by the people who made the original. It struck me as odd how often I would forget that this was in fact a fan made add-on and not part of the original game.

In short: If you like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -Fallen, then I highly recommend adding Convergence.